How will UCP use Your “Big Payback” Donations?



United Cerebral Palsy of Middle Tennessee annually serves over 2,500 adults and children with severe disabilities of all types. All of UCP’s key programs have waiting lists. Donations made to UCP through The Big Payback will be applied to the following programs:

  • Durable Medical Equipment: Each year UCP distributes over 1,500 items of critically needed Durable Medical Equipment at a retail  value of over $500,000. The items are donated to UCP by individuals and families who can no longer use the still-viable equipment.  This equipment is given free of charge to anyone with a disability who needs the equipment.
  • Children’s Summer Activities: All Together Kids is a program designed to promote the  inclusion of children with disabilities in  community based summer recreational, arts, and extra curricular programs alongside their typically developing peers. UCP  supports 20-25 children with disabilities in this program each year. Funds are needed for the UCP All Together Kids Program in  summer 2014.
  • Wheelchair Ramps: At any given time, UCP has over 70 people on waiting lists for wheelchair ramps in Middle Tennessee. UCP,  our volunteers and partner organizations have constructed over 2300 wheelchair ramps on to the homes of people with  disabilities who could not otherwise afford these ramps. Please help us continue this great program!
  • Sports and Recreation: Funding is needed to support UCP’s weekly Sports and Recreation program, including our Challenge  League Baseball Team. Its a small request, but the Sports Night crew has asked for donations to purchase board games. Some of our participants prefer board games to the more aggressive basketball games!


  1. I was wondering if you picked up stuff being donated?
    Diapers, equipment,etc…

    • We don’t have a formal pickup service, but we do have some volunteers who pick up items for us on occasion. Contact Margaret Eighmy in the Equipment Exchange and she can let you know about any options we have available.

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